Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Yay, woo, and other shouts of joy

At last I have finished and posted the piece of writing about Brass Day at the Proms. I can't believe that I have finally got past this horrendous block, almost three months after the event!

Why it should have been quite such a problem to do this, I don't know. It's obviously connected with it being my personal writing, as opposed to my editing someone else's, and the fact that it always therefore gets shunted to the back of the queue. So by the time the job is almost under control and I had time to look at it I was so fed up that I didn't feel like doing it anyway, plus most of my memory had erased itself and my notes weren't that good, so it all felt a bit uphill.

Please note that I'm not claiming that it's a great piece of writing: I am merely noting that I am very, very relieved to have done it, despite its many flaws. Now I feel I can get on with some other stuff a bit more too. I must make a mental note not to take on any more writing jobs like this till after April 11th: in some senses it was a mistake to do Brass Day but I felt that it would have been truly terrible for us not to have commented on it - it really was a terrific event. If you want to read the piece - not that I am suggesting you should necessarily want to - you should probably go to some trumpet thing and look for its News pages and look for a story dated today. It was VERY late last night when I finished work on it!

Onwards and upwards! :)

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