Monday, 28 January 2013

Back at St Anne's

Hurrah! After a horribly long gap I'm back, to my huge delight, at London's Finest Lunchtime Gig Church™ for a guitar recital by Isabel Maria Martinez.

What with one thing and another it seems for some time to have been very difficult to get along here, which is bad, but I'm here now, which is good.

I love it here so much. It's not just the music, lovely though that is; it's the warmth, the peace, and the sense of community.

That said, Ms Martinez is as I write (tut!) giving us a gorgeous recital of Llobet, Rodrigo, Gerhard and Villa-Lobos. She's a wonderful player, of great subtlety, control and drama, and makes a beautiful, luscious sound.

I'm glad I came.