Saturday, 20 October 2007

Strawberry Yoghurt - Munch Bunch strawberry yogurt

I must admit that I thought this would be vile: I bought it mostly for the novelty value, finding it terribly exciting that it's a strawberry yoghurt in a strawberry-shaped container. I mean, what could be nicer?

The yoghurt is surprisingly not-bad. It's perhaps a little bit bland and not very strongly fruity, and has a slightly odd aftertaste. I suppose you can't be too surprised to hear that its texture is very plain - since the yoghurt all has to slurped out of a 1cm aperture there's not much scope for lumps of fruit, so what you get is a very homogeneous paste. Astronaut food, kind'a'thing. I have currently mislaid its label which is why there is no list of ingredients, but I seem to recall that stuff like guar gum and other texture-related ingredients seemed quite prominent, so I suspect that the free(ish) flow of the gunge is one of the design issues you don't get in making yoghurt for a normal pot. I wondered if that's what I was tasting?

On the other hand I give them three hearty cheers for not giving in to the kiddie-sweet market and filling it entirely with sugar, and also for not pretending it's health-food and making it taste of aspartame, yuk yuk and yuk.

I am not sure I will be hurrying to buy this yoghurt again, but it's not bad and I certainly do not regret having the bag-worth in the fridge to mooch through.


Perfectly OK, entertaining shape, not outstanding yog

Shapeliness: 9

Plastic-tastic-osity: 10

Child appeal: 7.4

Grelltt: 6

Oversugaredness: 0

Aspartame: 0

Sploorn: 6

Overall: 5

Obsessives corner:

6 x 60g strawboids

Strawberry purée 10%

Each strawboid:

48 kcal

7.2g sugar (12%)

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