Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Heartmelt moment

The other morning I was in Coldfall Wood walking my canine companion and reflecting, as I often do, on how very much more pleasant it is now they've done a load of coppicing, among other excellent works. I probably ought to write about Coldfall properly some time, but not now. Anyway, it is now lighter, greener and nicer in every way without detracting one jot from the wooded parts: indeed it enhances them by providing contrast and improving the views.

I came across a young couple — very young — sitting on a bench, in a sunny clearing, with their baby. The latter was either asleep or feeding and I wasn't about to stare closely enough to be sure which. We said hello (well, actually I said good morning and they said hello but that's not actually class or intergenerational warfare per se, you understand) and I carried on.

They just looked so sweet and it was such a nice and optimistic and heartening scene. I won't trouble you with a whole load of detail or analysis at this point, though of course I am not unaware of some of what was going through the back, front or middle of my mind. It was all over in 10 seconds but was such a very, very nice moment that I will treasure it for rather a lot longer.

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Becca said...

That's lovely.

I always hope that it works out for them.