Monday, 31 October 2011

Glenn Bengry: nice man needs our help

Hi there ... please have a look at this:

If you have a couple of quid, bucks, yen, zloty etc to spare please send a few in that direction. Matters arising:
  • I promise you on my honour as a cavalry officer of the old school that it is real. 
  • Glenn is far too nice and good a bloke to be in this bind. 
  • Please help if you can. 
  • Thanks!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Oopsie-Beebs-a-blog™ - absolutely rubbish writing

Not funny. I've tried being polite and nice to Auntie about this and they can't even be bothered to respond, let alone fix their awful, amateurish writing. So I am just going to be rude about it, and hope that that annoys the fool who wrote it and the fool - perhaps the same fool? - who doesn't want to change it. That would at least give me some minor gratification.

Here we go.

There's a really lovely slideshow giving a timeline of the Shuttle here:

- which features, in the first sentence of its first caption, this gem of moronic illiteracy and insensitivity:
  • "The space shuttle was conceived as a concept long before man had even stepped on to the Moon."


I mean come on. What else does the person (= Year 10 Work Experience kid, presumably) who wrote this think happens to concepts? Did they actually manage the rather gifted trick of writing this without actually reading what they had written? Let's try some more excellent writing:
  • "The space shuttle was conceived as a banana"
  • "The space shuttle was bananaed as a concept" 
Both of these are just as good, and as meaningful, as the sentence currently in use. Moreover, they are less ugly. I recommend the BBC use more bananas.

Sheesh. Rubbish writing, Beeb: 2/10 for effort and 0/10 for your lousy manners. I diskard you.