Monday, 29 October 2007

Verklärte Mittagspause (Lunchtime Transfigured)

In the City, where I nearly work
Is a short tidy traffic jam with taxis
And cars, cars of a certain quality.
This luxury mini-coach has air-conditioning
For its precious cargo of a few executives;
There are small natty sober vans in brown, black or bronze
With discreet miniature logos.
Everyone looks businesslike, a bit tired,
Perhaps a little grim, resigned to the short wait.
There's no smiling and no joy in this jam.

I see a dirty white Luton, vast among all this dark precision;
In the cab an unkemptly lanky young man cuddles his great scruffy dog, all over the seat and his lap and the steering wheel, with happy abandon and, catching me smiling at them, beams hugely back.


Becca said...

That made me really very happy.

That and the fact that there's a kitten gambolling around my feet.

Strawberryyog said...

Well thank you, I'm glad you liked it. And also glad that you have the kitten thang going on .... :) xx