Thursday, 25 October 2007

Strawberry Yoghurt - Tesco low fat yogurt - strawberry

Amazingly delicious midrange yog picked up yesterday from the Sons of Satan and their society-destroying outlet just round the corner. Very very nice slightly edgy strawberry flavour, good texture, some evidence of fruit, not too sweet, no bl**dy messing around with aspartame. I have avoided buying this for months while dallying with the products of Losely and other great companies, but actually it's rather good. As in, really rather very good.


A highly palatable Ford Mondeo among strawberry yoghurts, from the local-business-murdering Genghis Khans of retail. Oh, and they have great croissants too, chiz. All lovely and hot and fresh. Mmmm. Avaunt!

Rape of the High Street: 10

Destruction of British Society As We Know It: 10

Flavour: 9

Grelltt: 3

Texture: 8

Probably go around in black helicopters with laser guns, killing small shopkeepers: 10

Night vision goggles: 10

Doh!: 10

Sploorn: 8.3

Fruitinosity: 7.6

Deliciousness: 8.1

Overall: 7.16 for the yoghurt, -10,672 for the societal impact of the shop

Obsessives' Corner

150g pot

135 kcal

20.7 g sugar (23% of RDA - whoops)

Strawberries and strawberry juice from concentrate 12%

Beetroot juice (but of course)

6% of your RDA of salt!


Jana said...

Here's the thing. Apricot yoghurt is just so much nicer. You need less sugar, because apricots are sweeter, but still a bit edgy; and strawberries themselves are mostly produced in space age polytunnels, grown in water, fed with abstruse mixtures of chemicals. Apricots, on the other hand, grow on trees, and can be got without pesticides and stuff, too. Sorry. I know this must be a blow to you.

Strawberryyog said...

I can't believe that I am reading this hideous near-apostasy from someone I previously respected so much! I am considering nailing a bull to your door. (Not the mooey sort, you understand. That would just be messy.) Apricots, indeed. Next you will be telling me they make yoghurt with cherries in. Or apples. Or lettuce.

Anonymous said...

So as you are all yogurt potty. Can you please tell me where else or who else sells yogurt that has NO ASPARTAME in them . Thanks

Strawberryyog said...

Thanks for the comment. It's a good question. I don't know of a straightforward answer. I think probably most healthfood shop yoghurt and most "posh" yoghurt (luxury versions etc) won't have it in; I don't even think it is all that often in "low fat" ones. It seems to mostly be in yoghurts that are sold with a very explicit slimming agenda (not just low fat but very low in calories), so that they can say it has no added sugar, while it still tastes sweet - or, rather, it tastes of aspartame! I just read the ingredients and try to avoid it. (Unless of course I am deliberately sacrificing myself on the altar of yoghurt-reviewing integrity...)

Strawberryyog said...

I should maybe add this: I have not checked exhaustively but it appears that all but one of the products I've written about on this blog so far are free of aspartame. If you click in the right margin (lower down) for the "strawberry yoghurt" label then you should find you're looking at a selection of only those posts and if you search or read down it for aspartame, it's usually mentioned only because the yoghurt does not have it. The exception. I think, is Müller Light, which does have it. Hope this helps.