Tuesday, 27 July 2010


It was the longest day only a month ago and, although the evenings are still lovely, it's already getting dark noticeably earlier. Well duh, Vogel … we're already a sixth of the way back to midwinter; what do you expect?

I know, I know. I know, really Tamsin I do. It's just that time passes so quickly these days. They no longer make proper, long-lasting time, the way they did when I was a kid. It was proper British time, made in Greenwich you know; now it's gone the way of most British manufacturing.

Sure it's not the end of the world: not yet even of the year or day. I just wish this gorgeous evening could go on a bit longer, is all.

Mobile, hence terse.

Location:Alexandra Park Rd,Tottenham,United Kingdom

Fake synth trumpets on Herbert Grönemeyer's "Mambo" from "4630 Bochum"

Herbie how could you do this? They're nice parts too. Kindly slap yourself round the head - zweimal bitte - and employ some real trumpets next time. Sheesh

You wouldn't replace the fine sax player Frank Kirchner with some microchip, would you? Well then. Even though they're quite well done they're still not real.

Erm. Are they? No. Surely. Blimey. What's wrong with my ears? No, fake.

Unless, dear reader, you know otherwise…

Mobile, hence terse.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I'm after your money ... please!

Hello. If you read this blog and like it or me at all, or even if you hate me and it - I really don't mind - please consider coughing up a few quid or dollars or whatever to help...

I do hate people grovelling to their online friends for charity money ... er, unless it's really necessary. Please follow this link and scroll down to "Medical Bills for orphan hit by car". I guarantee that this is the real deal and that every dollar you donate is a DIRECT help. The cool thing is, if a few friends donate 5 or 10 bucks/quid/whatever each that very quickly builds. No-one's expecting you to go there and donate crazy money, but, like I say, a few bucks ... all the difference. Sorry to grovel like this but please please go and have a look. Thanks!

Just to clarify:

  • Kaihura is Martha's village.
  • The people making the appeal, who run the orphanage, are Martha's friends.
  • The kid injured in the RTA is well-known to Martha and was in her class at school.
  • Hospital treatment in Uganda costs ... not a fortune by US or UK (private) standards, but it costs.
  • You can help very directly. Thank you.