Monday, 8 October 2007

Grrrr and grrr again

I am at home, having taken another day's leave in order to try to make more progress with my trumpet news editing job nightmare backlog from H*ll. This means I am in a terrible grump, but not all the time. Here are some grump and non-grump points: sort them out for yourself:

  • A job I loved doing is becoming a millstone
  • That's three days' leave this year for this, which is three days too many. I feel that it is very very very very bad practice indeed to take leave for a voluntary job like this: the repercussions do not bear looking at too closely.
  • I like being at home!
  • It's gloomy miserable weather. So I am gloomy and miserable.
  • I took Daisy round the wood this morning. It was sunny and cheerful then, so I was too.
  • Mrs von Neustadt is horribly unwell with sore throat, cough and everything.
  • I have a large glass of red wine here. This too is bad practice, but hey.
  • And some olives!
  • The Infanta Marfs is on her way home, Religion having been cancelled. I was a bit alarmed by this at first, wondering whether the new government has perhaps gone a little far this time. It turns out that what has been cancelled, however, is this afternoon's lesson on that particular academic subject. This is a bit easier to grasp.
  • The said Infanta is going to stop en route at the emporium of Messrs Sainsbury and acquire Things, Delicious, Luncheon for the Purposes Of. Yeah babay.
  • I am actually making progress with the ***** ******* ******* ******** news situation. It reminds me that I quite enjoy it when it is going well. HA! I say, and HA! again. Fool.
  • And whose fault is all this? Yep. And yep again. Welcome to the Department of Self-Inflicted Wounds. Gah!
  • I have had some nice music on the radiophonic broadcast receiving apparatus and now, in its great versatility, it is playing me a Compact Disc (a modern type of gramophone record). This CD is of Pavel Haas' String Quartet No 2 performed by the Pavel Haas String Quartet. (Er? ... yes.) It is entirely wonderful and has the probably-USP that its last movement features a drum kit alongside the more usual stringy thingies. It is so wonderful that you should buy it at once if you do not already possess it, and if you do you should buy another copy and give it to a friend.
  • The weekend was rather good though insanely busy, and may get blogged about sooner or later.

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Strawberryyog said...

Nine (count 'em!) new stories up yesterday. This is seriously good, not just by my shoddy standards but - almost - by comparison with normal human levels of productivity. Yeah, and woo, and other cries of joy. Ahem, yes. Indeed.