Friday, 5 October 2007

Harry Resigners

What all this recent crisis mismanagement leads up to is that I have resigned from my trumpet news editing job. If, as I intend, I put my last story up on the web on 11th April 2008 then it will be five years to the day since I put up my first one. This seems quite neat, a reasonable amount of time to have served, and generally OK in a number of ways. It also gives my colleagues (who are also some of my dearest friends, which makes it all more difficult in some ways and nicer in others) six months to find a successor.

I will write more about this some time. I have pretty mixed feelings but am confident it is the right decision. It fits quite neatly with the mid-life crisis in which I may or may not be indulging. It's OK, really it is. Having said that, you'd think that in the short term I should feel better having resigned but actually the opposite is true. It's harder than ever and this is largely because I am determined to leave with all flags flying and on the best possible terms, with the service handed over in very good shape. It would be much easier if I now just hated my colleagues and the role and the organization and so could simply do a Cartman (screw you guys, I'm going home) on the whole thing. As it is I now have deadlines and goodwill and conscience to wrestle with and it is all a bit much right now. But I will get through it somehow, and it is worth the current temporary discomfort for the feeling that I am getting back a chunk of my life. It's been great doing this job and I would not have missed it for the world, but it is also a good time to stop.

On 12th April 2008, let me tell you, we are going out for a STONKING good meal somewhere. Oh yes! :)


Lottie said...

Stonking good meal sounds excellent! Although it might be the second of two in rather close succession due to rumours I've heard of someone's 21st birthday approximately 3 days before the 12th.

Strawberryyog said...

Yeah I had heard that one too. I will simply have to starve myself a week before and after, and cope, ahem, manfully, with whatever the menus throw at me on the 9th and 12th! :)