Thursday, 11 October 2007

On the other hand ...

Sadly, Mrs von Neustadt is still wretchedly ill. I should have been being a better husband (mind you, she's a lousy patient!) but I had to get this news file done, or face meltdown. Seriously. I will try being nice to her this evening but will wear special flea-in-ear protection just in case. Incredibly, she has cancelled teaching, which is frankly apocalyptic. I bet you a million quid that she would resist any suggestion of Dr and indeed she would probably be right, as he will say "it's viral!" and advise fluids and rest and Radio 3 or 4 and so on. But it's horrid having her all unwell. She doesn't really believe in being ill. This used to happen only once every ten years and now I think it's up to maybe once every four or five. Hmmm. Horrid.  :(

In more cheerful news, Aidy Babes (our regular Midweek Visit Bloke) was here last night and made stunning veggie stew stuff which cheered everyone up and made the house smell delicious. It was excellent to see him again. Three rousing cheers for AB! It is not the same while it's not term-time and he is not here.

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