Thursday, 4 October 2007

Kipferl (Rush-a-Blog™)

Kipferl - excellent Austrian cafe at 70 Long Lane, London EC1. Dash in, grab a nice coffee and something delicious (Linzertorte, say), quick (optional) German practice, dash out again. Delicious. They also have sit-down space and deli sales, and will sell you a whole cake (e.g for my birthday at work, I think I got a L'torte, a Sachertorte and some nice little epis or other). Yes indeedy. Undeniably fab.

When I get my "life" back I am going to rush less and then it will be more of a Leisurely-Lunch-a-Blog™ when I am over there sitting down and tucking into a plateful of something nice.

For now though I am still in a rush. Tell you what, continuing the Germanic theme I may just dash over to the brilliantly-named Kurz & Lang, sausage specialists also just round the corner, and grab a brattie. Mensch, das schmeckt lecker!!

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