Thursday, 25 October 2007

Strawberry Yoghurt - Müller Amoré update

Ha! They have ALREADY caved in and brought out a strawberry one, just in the few minutes since they saw my blog entry. And people claim that the blogosphere has no influence? Ha!

I sure taught them! Eh? Eh?

This would be a link to it, if it wasn't for the Flashtasticness of their site making it impossible to give a link to anything. But I assure you it's there and can be found in as few as 74 mouse clicks. It looks delicious though I could probably manage without the "& French vanilla", even if they weren't insisting that "French" has no capital F.

The only thing is that I am now suffering anxiety attacks about where my nearest retailer is, if the local Tesco (hissssss hissssss demon avaunt avaunt I say) doesn't stock it.

I must get my hands on this yog. Do you think it would be OK if I bunked off work to go and look for it? Mm? Mm??


Anticipation: 11

Vanilla-concern: 8

Overall: 0

PS Hans - I was only joking about the tankers. I won't tell, really.

PPS I think I may now need to eat the Walnut & Greek Honey one, to stabilize my nerves. Then later I can pop round to Tesco's (hisssssss etc) and replace it with the Spanish Orange one, while very casually looking round to check they haven't yet put the Strawberry one out yet ...

PPPS Do you think Tesco's (hissss) would be OK about my just very casually checking through the storeroom out the back? And the lorry? And the depot? Hmmmm.

PPPPS I am coming to realize that there ought to be a specialist yoghurt shop - perhaps even a specialist strawberry yoghurt shop - somewhere, maybe Covent Garden. I must put this to the authorities. My salary could be a minor issue but I am sure they will see reason when they think about the visitor numbers and economic, cultural (ahaha) and health benefits to the local area.

PPPPPS Visiting the Müller website one cannot help but notice that the current Müller slogan appears to be Lick the lid of life™. I cannot decide whether I think this is slightly disgusting, or an act of genius, or perhaps even a slightly disgusting act of genius. Probably the latter. Yes, I really think I quite like it. Now, the von Neustadt family already has a perfectly good motto which is long, Latin, and mostly concerned with smiting your enemies for the honour of family and land, with some subclauses about suppressing peasants in a relatively kindly way. But if we didn't, and we wanted to be a touch more contemporary, I think that one could do a lot worse than Lick the lid of life™. Quite good: delicious in fact.

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