Monday, 16 June 2008

Lottie gets a degree; national half-holiday announced, commemorative coin struck

lot-tea Yay! Woo! My middlest of daughterosities has got a 2:1 and is therefore going to Cambridge in the Autumn to train as an undoubtedly excellent secondary school teacher.

This is very very very good. I mean, to be honest I thought that this would happen, as the portents were good, but it's still a very different thing to have it confirmed that it's in the bag. Yeah baby. Well done Lottie.

I go on Friday night with a Ford Transit van to collect Lot and 93 tons of stuff. Cardiff University has been a big success for her and I'll be sad to bid it farewell.

Graduation is on July 14th and we'll be staying in a nice B&B. More on this, and other matters, in other writingistical events to come.



Onwards and upwards!!!


Kat said...

Is her pinkie sticking out in that tea photo? Do Brits do that for realz or do they also make fun of their history like we Americainz do?

I'd like to reserve my commemorative coin in protective plastic.

Strawberryyog said...

Oh dear Kat, sometimes you make me laugh so much I fear I will become unwell and fall off my chair.

Right. Ahem. The honest answer to your question is "I'm not sure". I looked at the higher-res original and yes, her little finger is indeed, er, deployed. However, if Lottie was doing that it would be for satirical purposes, or maybe practical ones - but not historic ones! We have not brought up our kids to do that and I have never seen the point.

Lot reads this blog so can comment herself should she choose to. However, the background is that the photo was taken in an exquisitely trendy tea-shop in Banff. Once you have ordered your tea (from a range of eight million or something) they invite you to go and choose a cup and saucer from their display. This display is beautiful - completely random collection of pretty old teacups, like when you see a setup in a museum and go "hang on, we had those at home!" or words to that effect. In other words, it looked like my granny's or my auntie's sideboard!

So I think probably she's just trying not to drop it and face the embarrassment of rendering someone's heirloom into 493 fragments. The little finger is not sticking out in the allegedly posh fashion so I think it's probably providing additional support.

Enough information? :)

And yes, we do take the p*ss out of our heritage from time to time.

Your commemorative coin is duly reserved ...