Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Go ahead! Strawberry yoghurt breaks

go-ahead-strawbgo ahead! (made for McVities in Holland)

strawberry yoghurt breaks - "delicious yoghurt flavour topping on light crispy biscuit with a sultana and strawberry filling, ooh yeah baby"

Right then.

Smells very sweet, almost sickly. The yoghurt gunge is that slightly addictive industrial yoghurt paste stuff, like yoghurt-coated nuts have. It's quite nice but doesn't have enough edge to really convince you that it's yoghurt. The biscuit is pleasant, brittle, flat, a bit like a garibaldi without the dead flies. In fact it's perhaps even flatter than the Italian "Hero of the Two Worlds", maybe a little distance on the way to being a matzoh (yum). The fruit makes a very limited impact indeed - it's in there somewhere but hardly jumps out yelling Strawberry! at you, or even Sultana!

NB the shift key was broken when they designed the packaging - or maybe gummed up with "a sultana and strawberry filling" - so upper-case letters are a bit of a rarity. But I digress. (G&S Chorus: yes yes he digresses.)

This is a low-fat product (hence the urging to "go ahead") and is perfectly pleasant and goes well with a nice cuppa. All of which is good and nice, in fact almost as nice as bunny-wunnies. Of course what it won't do is satisfy that screaming void in the very kernel of your existence that sobs crazily for strawberry yoghurt and babbles and whoops with delight when it is served. (You do have one of those, don't you? It's not just me? Ah good.)

PS It doesn't really say "ooh yeah baby" in the product description. Aha. I know you thought it did and I know you will never never be able to admit to being caught out by my "wacky humour"™. Aha. No. It does not really say it. Indeed not. Aha. It was just me being "sidesplittingly whimsical"™. (G&S Chorus: yes yes it was just him being "sidesplittingly whimsical"™. Aha.)

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