Thursday, 12 June 2008

Another Virgin Trains triumph

I should probably give this up one of these days. It's too easy to take the you-know-what out of the people who run the Virgin Trains website, because they make themselves such fabulously easy targets. And why, you ask, does it matter? Because things like this, which are easy to see and rant about, are, I feel, symptomatic of the deeper, sometimes more concealed malaise which afflicts the whole site, which is acute carelessness. I've just spent a few more happy minutes trying to make it work properly, understand the engineering works, buy yet more tickets, and sure, the spellings don't stop it, but the rubbishy untested thinking does. And orft we jolly well go ...
Please see the attached timetable links below, giving details of the revised service that will be operating on Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 June.
14 June Nouthbound
14 June Southbound
15 June Nouthbound
15 June Southbound
And a woo wah yippee-aye-yay!

I wonder who proofread this.

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