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Strawberry Yoghurt - Tesco's Finest Strawberries and Cream Yoghurt

  • tescofinestyumyumyum West Country Yoghurt blended with Channel Island cream
  • Blended with a dense, juicy compôte of Senga strawberries

Strangely inelegant English with those two "blended withs" fighting each other round a corner there. Oh well.

I have written elsewhere about my former and misguided concerns about Tesco, whether (or not) they are ripping the heart out of the British high street [note 1], whether they really do or do not fly around at the dead of night in black helicopters [note 1], machine-gunning [note 1] small shopkeepers and food producers whose apples are too irregular in shape [note 1] or whose organic apples are too regular [note 1]. Or whatever [note 1].

Now, however, I realize that Tesco's are actually the loveliest and friendliest company on the face of the planet, and I love them, and they have never ever done anything even faintly bad nor would they ever. No. Indeed no. Indeedy notty.

This change of heart is of course in no way influenced by:

a. the discovery that they are suing people left right and centre for saying "boo" [note 1] and

b. the fact that at long last they have brought out a Tesco's Finest Strawberries and Cream yoghurt as I have been hoping for some time that they would [note 2] [note 3].

So, with my blogulistic integrity clarified and reinforced, with free speech campaigners applauding rapturously from the sidelines, on with the show.

This is a delicious yoghurt. Creamy but non-slimy, light texture. Loads of fruit including satisfyingly big lumps of strawb. Edgy, not too sweet (despite the scary sugar figures, see below). Senga strawberries are apparently praised for their fruitiness and juiciness (which is odd when you'd think that characteristics like, say, a love of classical music and a bright green colour might have been so much more obvious to go for) but, whatever, they do seem very nice in this yoghurt. It also has a nice non-alarming colour (Geiger counter not required) and indeed does not list colourings so maybe we are actually seeing its real or real-ish colour.

A truly delightful dessert. Eat it overlooking a sunny view with a nice drink to hand: or indeed at any other time and place.


A fine, fine yoghurt from this most excellent, caring and non-suing of shops. (Practically a family business anyway ... remember little Kevin Tesco, how sweet he was in the nativity play at the old infant school? And Nan Tesco, how she used to knit those socks for our lads in the front line. Don't forget dear old George Tesco, a stately figure on the way to skittles, in his top hat. My how we loved them all. Please don't sue me.)

Flavour: 8

Fruitiness: 8.5

Knowledge of Beethoven: 0

Magical Senga effects: 9.5

Grellt: 8.9

Sploorn: 3.1

Slime factor: 0

Corporate slime factor: oh no I said I wouldn't do this and please see [Note 1].

Overall: 8.6 and please don't sue me, I'm sorry I done it, I'm sorry I done it (I. Dury)

The Obsessives Corner

150g pot

Strawberries 18%

125kcal per 100g so

190kcal in this 150g pot

Or to put it another way (useful Tesco food info panel):

Vegetarian (how excellent that they actually confirm this! Others please note.)

Calories 190 = 9% RDA

Sugar 16.8g = 19% RDA

Fat 9.2g = 13% RDA

Saturates 5.4g = 27% RDA

Salt 0.2g = 3% RDA

Scary, huh? A fifth of my daily recommended amount of sugar, in one delicious yogo-hit. Makes me think, possibly a touch more than I actually want to.


Note 1: GOAK HERE.

Note 2: No goak here.

Note 3: Oddly I found sources on the net that suggest this yog has been around for years. Not in the Tesco's I know, is my only possible response. Hmmmph strange. Ah well.

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