Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Welcome to Plodland: or, the Monarchy descends among its Peeble; we kneel in Awe and Gratitude

gawdsavethequeenThere are a LORRA LORRA policemen and women outside. No parking in the square, no parking anywhere much, lorries lurking to remove the last few vehicles. Police on every entrance to the square, by the hotel, outside the Charterhouse. Why is this?

Well a quick Webbity website (it's on version 2 now, you know) reveals that our monarch and spiritual leader and her charming husband (that's still just two people, please do try to keep up) are visiting the Charterhouse today. See:

Wednesday, 11th June 2008

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will visit Sutton's Hospital to mark the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Restoration of Charterhouse.

... and there you have it. Colin, prepare the bunting if you please. Tamsin, your best frock and a small bunch of flowers, prontissimo. Mr Thompson, kindly warm up the ceremonial bugle. (No, not "in the traditional manner": show some respect I beg you.)

We're going in.

FX assorted offstage cries an ting: huzzah! Gawd bless 'er! You're shorter than you look on telly! More huzzah! Vivat Regina! Etc. Various Trumpet Blasts; a Dancing Bear; some Helicopters. More huzzah! A Singing Chorus of Jolly Smithfield Meat Porters. More Joyous Shouts of Loyal Citizenry. More etc.

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