Friday, 11 January 2008

Another yay and woo: the Iarlles Loötës storms Cambridge

It's always a matter of great shame to the von Neustadt family when our children have any form of academic success, as we would far rather that the most studying they did was "Cannon Trajectories, A Geometrical Approach", or perhaps "Infantry-Swathe-Cutting 101", at one of our better military schools.

However some children are clearly not really cut out to wear the Pickelhaube and so it is with Lottie who has been expressing an ambition, for many years, to become a secondary school music teacher. Personally I have little time for this disgraceful leftist profession but I must say I do admire their courage: faced with the choice between charging at a massed formation of blood-crazed Cossacks and trying to explain minims and crotchets to Year Seven on a Friday afternoon in February I would always call for my sabre and horse, feeling this the less hazardous option.

To cut a long story short, Lottie got an offer from Cambridge yesterday, to do her PGCE there for 2008-9. This is fabulously excellent news and also a great release of tension: the outcome of this AND Marfs's Grade 8 have for some weeks been pretty much neck-and-neck in the Vogel's Blood Pressure Stakes and I really cannot express the delight I feel, not only in these fantastic outcomes but in not having to worry about them any more. Also, it's perhaps not been the easiest of times at Schloss Neustadt recently so a couple of good news items were more than welcome. As you know I don't really do deeply personal blogging (unless I think it might make you laugh, of course) so 'nuff said.

I am very very chuffed and excited about Lot and the PG. She had thought that the interview day went well and of course you never really know how seriously to take a perception like that: it may just be that they are skilled interviewers who have the gift of finding out what they want to know without making the candidate feel bad. But no, this was the real deal and she felt it went well because it did, dammit, and there is great delight at home over this.

So I shall just say WOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOO WOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOO WOOOO well done Lottie, in the modest and restrained manner you have come to expect from me.

Note: I promise to get back soon to normal blogging about trains, trivia, rants about customer service and other crucial stuff. But just for now, this is all enormously cheering.