Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Teh Interwebs (v2.0)

cable Actually I was very very excited to hear that the Worldly WideWeb of Network Sites has now officially been moved to version 2.0. This is great progress!

Will they have to deliver a new cable modem to my house, do you think, or is it more like one of these "automatic software download updaters" which I gather are nowadays all the rage? Maybe my old wiring will not cope with all the new Version 2.0 data and I will have to have it replaced, preferably with the much bigger (or "bigger" as we technical people call it) Purple Sprouting Broccoli cable well known to motorway drivers, where it breezily waves in lush pastures, just waiting to be plugged into roadside information systems. Marvellous.

It's going to be great! Version 2.0!! Just think. It's bound to be much better than all the rubbish we now have. I can hardly wait. If a few more things in my life could also get moved to Version 2.0, that would be so good.


Vogel (v1.9b)

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