Monday, 16 June 2008

Oh dear, gig-free zone

For the best possible reasons I am currently missing an incredible run of St Anne and St Agnes lunchtime concerts. This is very annoying because, I have explained ad nauseam elsewhere, they're an important part of how my week is structured.

On the other hand, I am doing lots of things which are nice, important, or whatever and which need doing so I cannot really complain.

I was particularly sad to miss last Friday's because my old friend John K was playing in it with a piano quartet. However, I had worthwhile stuff to do then as I do/did on these other occasions (work stuff, being in Banff, retrieving Lottie from uni, having lunch with a friend etc etc) and there is no point in obsessing about it - I will see him next time round.

At the moment it looks like my next chance to go to a gig will be Tuesday 24th June or maybe the Friday if the Tuesday is tricky. I am pretty sure I can hang on till then without going completely bonkers.


Jana said...

and A&A is never quite the same when it is a yoghurt free zone. Incidentally, in Latvia you can get a drink called kefirs - kind of yoghurt/buttermilk/yakult thing. It is marvellous on a hot day, especially with salted herrings and dill potatoes. Anyway: appallingly they are now making a yoghurt flavoured version. That is sacrilege.

Strawberryyog said...

Thank you, on both counts. I will be applying for a Yoghurt Research Foundation grant to pop out to Riga and investigate. (I am not sure about the salted herrings, but open to persuasion...)