Saturday, 16 June 2007

An unusual lunchtime

Having left the office, after a busy and stressful morning, too late to make it to the lunchtime concert yesterday, I ended up sitting on a bench in a quiet and pretty comer of the Barbican, near a fountain. Having first had some delicious fruito-yogo-matic drink I was planning then to do some writing but it was lovely and warm, and doziness soon got the better of me. I slept for ages, only waking up when a few drops of rain fell on my face.

When I stood up to leave, a phenomenally cute Yorkshire Terrier puppy came trundling up to say hello, at some length.

This lunchtime may not have been quite as culturally profitable as going to hear Bach at St Anne and St Agnes. It was, however, pretty jolly good in its own way.

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