Friday, 29 June 2007

Strawberry Yoghurt - Pomona Thick and Creamy Yogurt (pasteurised)

From the little Costcutter supermarket in the Golden Lane building on the infant Goswell Road.

Delicious! But is it bad that it's pasteurised? Erm, dunno. Presumably M. Pasteur would say: mais non, esp├Ęce d'idiot! and point out that a sell-by date in September is a Good Thing. But I guess that does mean that on the dead-live spectrum it's hanging around the left-hand end, yes? Should I worry? It's such a nice yog ...

Very fruity, non-artificial looking colour (I mean, yes sure, it will have been faked up a bit, but it's not actually fluorescing). Ingredients list not too alarming in terms of fake-inosity, probably not incredibly good as a slimming aid though. I am not sure if it's meant to be that the list is in order of proportion (of added ingredients, it says) but I note that cream comes first. Tsk! Excellent non-slimy texture. Definitely a repeat-purchase item.


Rather a good'un

Yeah factor: 8

Astonishment: 5

Comfort: 9

Grelltt: 6

Sploorn: 7.5

Overall: 8

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Strawberryyog said...

For obsessives:

No artificial colourings. No added preservative. Suitable for vegetarians

Added ingredients: Cream, sugar, strawberries (fruit and fruit juice from concentrate) (6%), modified waxy maize starch, glucose-fructose syrup, thickener: pectin, carrot concentrate, flavourings

Best before 2/9/07; chill before serving; 150g

Nutrition information - average values per 100g: energy 520kl/124kcal, protein 2.9g, carbohydrates 14.2g, fat 6.2g (that is, this one is 186kcal)

Collin & Hobson plc Tamworth Staffs England B79 7XD. "Collin & Hobson plc are UK based importers, agents and distributors of ambient and chilled dairy and related products mostly sourced from mainland Europe," it says here.