Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Live and let jive

I do wish that people, no matter how kind and well-meaning, would refrain from trying to get me to dance at parties. It doesn't work and its only effect is to upset me. Honest. Yes it's a problem and a far-from-desirable situation, but, as it's taken me forty or forty-five years to get myself this badly screwed up, it's not that likely that it can be sorted out in fifteen seconds. Unless you know a really good hypnotist perhaps?

I've just decided not to publish a massive, angry, mad, 1700-word rant, which has taken me an age to write, on this topic. It certainly said a load of stuff but, having read and re-read it a number of times, I've realised that it makes me sound even angrier and madder than I actually am, and is perhaps actually a bit much for the sensitive reader. (Or indeed any normal human being.) Hence this shorter and somewhat calmer version.

I should probably stop right now, before I end up recreating the unpublishable one. Vogel out.

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