Friday, 1 June 2007


Today I went (so far) to Crispian's recital and Chris Martin's also. Both were quite superb in very different ways and I was thrilled to have heard them. The laptop ran out of battery, fortunately right at the end of Martin, so I am back "home" to recharge, in more ways than one. Laura gave me a wrap and a banana for lunch and I am feeling almost human once more.

Jack Burt went to the trouble of complimenting me specifically on the Mnozil review from last year's ITG. I was terribly touched by this. The fact is that to be honest I am quite proud of it, which I know does not fit well with my self-deprecatory "I am sh*t at everything" stance. But I honestly think it is quite good. It nearly killed me - I stayed up pretty much all night, trying to make it sound (a) like you were there and (b) like I wrote it in ten minutes. All in one strand, indeed. Alright so I am a cynically-contriving b*st*rd but I do feel it sort of works. I wouldn't normally blow my own trumpet (aha) about this but it was so nice of Jack to bother, so, what the h*ll, I have blogged about it.

Speaking of "home" it is quite fun here right now. My fourth-floor room looks down on a concrete podium then a grassy area which gives way to the lake then the concert hall where all the big 7pm events take place. This map might show you, or not if I got it all wrong. The lake is (should be) in the centre of the image and I am in the building at its N end, looking S. Geddit? It's very nice. Anyway, the normally-calm grass area is getting megadisrupted right now - a million chairs and tables, a band setup etc have all been put out there and a band is sound-checking right now. On the programme, the Festival of Trumpets (remind me to tell you what one of my friends calls this. It is somewhat impolite) is listed as being on the "flagstones outside hotel lobby" which could almost be that, but I am wondering if the whole Banquet has perhaps been shifted there if the weather holds. Could be great whatever is planned: watch this space.

While trying to get a better view out there I valve-oiled my window which now slides nicely instead of graunching and squeaking. Should've done it sooner. While oiling it I noticed that wasps are building a nest in my window corner just outside. At the moment it is pretty, and small, and cute, and I do not intend to take any hostile action unless they do so first. I guess I should perhaps mention it when I check out in case it scares or hurts anyone later, though. I have photographed it and would post an image here - and of the doings outside - except that my getting-photos-to-the-PC arrangement is kaput, for boring reasons which I may or may not recount some time. I hasten to add that nothing is dead or lost, only flat! (Update - added a couple of photos once home. Forgot to tell the hotel about the nest. Oops.)


Strawberryyog said...

OMG they have now attached balloons to all the tables out there.

And I have just thought of another possibility - none of it has anything to do with ITG at all! It was maybe a bit egocentric to assume that it did: this is a big enough place that it can support more than one event at a time easily enough. More if/when I suss it.

Strawberryyog said...

Yeah it's nothing to do with us, but it's very nice. They just played Birdland, and are barbecuing down there now (he drooled).