Saturday, 2 June 2007


It's almost three in the afternoon here now and I have just submitted my last piece of writing, so I am feeling pretty relieved. The Festival of Trumpets has been running since two so I may go down and have a look, though to be honest I could also do with a short kip or a walk or both, as it's the banquet at five and I am feeling a tiny bit cooped up.

I can't blog about some of what has been going on but it's been interesting. I think the new online system has been a success - not, of course, without teething troubles - but generally a significant improvement. Once I got better at taking the laptop out with me this improved my social situation - I have still been doing some writing in my room but I've also been doing it at events or up here in the writing HQ where I am right now.

I have also not had much of a chance to look round the exhibits. I have mixed feelings about this - we are supposed to go and schmooze the exhibitors and thank them for coming etc but some of it can be quite intimidating and you don't always get a good conversation with people, especially if someone is playing Screaming Top Z - and they do, believe me - a few feet away.

Another year I need to do a bit more thinking about how to use my time more effectively. This one hasn't been too bad but it could be better. Next year I want to be organized enough to be able to go for a walk if I want. Easily!

There are a few events left but I feel like it's winding down now. Quite soon I should be able to check in online for my flight. Tomorrow I think Gary and I are possibly going to Boston for a while (maybe with Laura, depends on her lift and flight situation) then I'm off. So while this is not necessarily my last entry from ITG, it could be. Cheery-moo!


Strawberryyog said...

Well - I got there about 5 minutes before the end of the Festival so that was probably about right. Managed a short and not all that purposeful walk up and down a small wooded hill. Looked promising but still all campus roads, not paths, chiz. Might not manage the kip as it's now 25 minutes to the banquet and I need a shower. But at least I got a tiny bit of exercise! :)

Strawberryyog said...

haha, bl**dy idiot - I thought I had finished writing, but I had TOTALLY forgotten one of the preludes. Oops. I had got distracted slightly and taken my eye off the ball. I was a bit shocked when I got a (very nice) email from the director of the ensemble when I was sitting in Logan airport. Fortunately I had my notes on the laptop and started work straight away and finished it and put it online pretty much as soon as I was home. Twit, though. Tsk.