Friday, 29 June 2007

Party animal

Our 100th birthday party appears to have been a monster success, and people enjoyed themselves, and have been telling me so quite insistently ever since. I am surprised and pleased. Even more surprising and pleasing is that I enjoyed it. My word yes. Since the "kitchen at parties" song could have been written for me, this is little short of astonishing. (Note to self - find that song, it's quite good.)

I will write more on this utterly crucial and compelling topic some time but I just wanted to note these Amazing Facts before the working day caught up with me and turned me into a miserable ranting cynical old f*rt once more.


Strawberryyog said...

Right. It's "In the Kitchen at Parties" - Jona Lewie.

It turns out - yeah, you knew this but I didn't - he's also the "Wish I was at home for Christmas" bloke. It's called "Stop the Cavalry". Goodness me - you live and learn.

Ah me. If only I could dance like that - all my problems would be over (one way or another).

Strawberryyog said...

Looking at the video again, I think the song is possibly best experienced as I knew it - on the radio. I find this is a general problem with stuff from the 80s or whenever - the tunes themselves have aged less badly than the look. And yes, I do understand it's a humorous number anyway. But even so.