Friday, 8 June 2007

It's ...

No, it's not Monty Python's Flying Circusuzuzuz, it's just a quick rant about its and it's.

  • You can only write it's - and indeed you must - if it is short for it is or it has. Otherwise, you need its.

Is this a Very Difficult Rule? I don't think so.

  • It's Monty Python etc (short for it is) .
  • Rome takes its revenge (possessive - look Mummy, no apostrophe).

Or am I missing the point here? And yes, I know it does not really matter, and there are lots of other sins you can commit, like starting a sentence with "and". And almost everything else what I ever wroted will have it's detractors. Im not claiming to be reelly good at this stuff. But - sheesh! Just this one thing, its easy enough to get right, and people dont. Maybe we should just not worry? I doubt that, somehow. Its annoying. Aaaargh!

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