Thursday, 21 June 2007

Damnable Rotten Machinations

This on a file which I own, because I bought it, with my very own money, and I would like to play it on my computer please:

Media usage rights:
  • You do not have the rights to play this file
  • Collaborative play for this file is not allowed
  • This file cannot be burned
  • This file cannot be synchronized
  • The media usage rights for this file cannot be backed up
Oh right, well, er, thanks. Can I put it where the monkey puts his nuts perhaps? Oh, not that either, I see, sorry.

Why all this? Oh yes, I've had to move PCs a few times. New PC at work several times, new PC at home - and there's your license gorn.

This can't be right.

And yes, of course I backed it up, by making an audio CD, and yes I can therefore get it back onto my PC by ripping the said CD. But honestly, who would want to go to that hassle? It's a nonsense. And I am not someone who approves of illegal copying and so on but, good grief, this cannot be the way to do it - it just makes me think I'd rather do (almost) anything than go again through this hassle.

In case you are wondering the track in question is 2nd line from the Wynton Marsalis album "Live at the House of Tribes". But, sadly, there are plenty of other tracks which it could have been.


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