Tuesday, 29 January 2008

This is Bounds Gremlin

The LED display on the Tube seemed to have a hangover this morning:

This is Bounds Gree!!n
This is a Piccadill#!y Line service to Heat#!hrow Terminals 1, 2 an##d 3

On the other hand the next-station announcements all had the station name correct but with an added touch of drama thus:
The next station is!! Turnpike Lane
Gosh. I'm, like, woo.

Once you recognized the pattern it was less amusing:

This is Wood Green
This is Turnpike La!!ne
This is Manor House!!
This is Finsbury Pa!!rk
This is Arsenal
This is Holloway Ro!!ad
This is Caledonian !!Road
This is King's Cros!!s St. Pancras
- although it was funnier again when there was more text: in this regard King's Cross was particularly fine since it lists all the connections, which gave the Mad Punctuation Disorder an excellent opportunity to run amok. Had I tried to copy all of that one down I'd just be reaching Uxbridge about now.

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