Sunday, 13 January 2008

Buskaid Soweto String Project

I'm just watching an excellent BBC4 documentary about this incredible project. I sort-of know about it - it is run by Deb's friend Rosemary Nalden; we've had people from the project working on Stringwise; Haringey musicians (including Deb, Becca and Lottie) visited the project on the Haringey SA tour in 2000; and so on.

It's incredibly moving. The work they do is fantastic, unbelievable, life-enhancing. If by any chance you happen to be reading this and are a millionaire or captain of industry or something, I would be most obliged if you would please arrange to send them a big bucket of money. Or several. Thank you so much.

If you know me (or even if you do not but are filthy rich and/or interested) and you want to see this programme, just yell. I have it on my gadget.

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