Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Strawberry Yoghurt - Onken Wholegrain Strawberry Biopot

A delicious, interesting and high-quality yoghurt in a great big pot. Difficult to imagine what could be better really.

The yog's USP is that it is bitty; it is full of bits. Bits is what is has got. And no, these are not strawberry bits (though I think they may also be present), but lovely grainy bits: wheat, oats, and stuff. Look:

"Onken Wholegrain Strawberry Biopot is made with wholemilk, three bio cultures and five different wholegrains of barley, oats, wheat, rye and rice. This combination works together to give this delicious yogurt it's mild, fresh and lovely chewy taste."

And you can't say fairer than that really. I'll be back to you about that apostrophe in a minute or two but just for now, yes they're right, it's delicious.

The texture - well, the texture is of course wonderful, and it's basically like you're chewing your way through a nice chunk of complicated granary bread. The colour is a very slightly troubling darker pink - I assume that that's why beetroot is listed in the ingredients. I guess that the manufacturers don't like the way it looks with just yoghurt and strawberries and feel that it needs to be, well, pinker.


A fabulously delicious yoghurt-meets-porridge delight. In a big pot!

Texture: 10

Pinkness: 8

Grelltt: 6

Apostrophe management: 0

More please now: 8.17

Sploorn: 9

Overall: 8.1

The OC:


Strawberries 10%

112 kcal in a 100g serving

Ah yes ... just to return to the question of the apostrophe, I think it would be undignified to make a big silly fuss and go on about proofreading and illiterate graphic designers and everything , so I'll just say:


Thank you.

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Strawberryyog said...

Lottie tells me that the "scale joke" which contemplates holding four big chunky kit-kats together and then pretending to be a little elf (or whoever) belongs to Bill Bailey. Bizarrely, I thought it was Jake. This perhaps suggests that I need my medication altering, since I did not otherwise (as far as I know) think that Lottie is going out with Bill Bailey nor that Jake is a hairy man-mountain with a predilection for singing popular Cockney ditties in German in the style of Kraftwerk. (Oh dear, this is just a comment and I am already bogged down beyond redemption. Chiz.)

Anyway, it did occur to me that with a huge pot of yoghurt like this and a big enough serving spoon in teaspoon proportions (if such a thing exists) you could do the same thing.

If you really wanted to.

If it was funny.

If there was any point in my typing this ...

... sigh ...