Tuesday, 6 November 2007


I was in the common room at lunchtime yesterday when Deb (Mrs von Neustadt to you) rang and said inter alia "didn't you go to the concert?"

I am deeply embarrassed to say that I forgot. It is baffling to me to admit that but it is, sadly, true. Work was and is very very difficult right now, but I don't blog about that much so hey. Anyway I had had my head down all morning in the most serious way and was not really aware of what day it was, and simply forgot to go. I am very very annoyed with myself. (Yeah makes a nice change eh Vogel?)

This is what I missed:

Monday 5 November:  Mary Pells viola da gamba Martin Knizia harpsichord.  J S Bach: Sonatas in G Major, BWV 1027; in D Major, BWV 1028; in G Minor, BWV 1029

Dammit! I'd have enjoyed that. What an idiot. Oh well: there is always Friday.

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