Thursday, 1 November 2007

Aargh! Please proffred thnigs more caerful.

In connection with a tiny projectette (which will show up here sooner or later) I recently bought some G&S online from MSN Music UK which for some reason (whose name may well be laziness) has become my music supplier de choix for use with Wretched Young People's Online Netweb Web Net Interweb Music Digital Download Systems That Communicate With The Pocket Phonogram.

(Exactly why am I buying G&S? Long story. Now not Tamsin.)

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how MSNMUK let the Year 10 Work Experience kid do the data entry here, as indeed they do with most of their classical repertoire. How do I know this to be the case (aha, anticipatory pun setup)? Because I am now the proud owner of eighteen tracks called various titles, but all beginning "Trail By Jury: "

Arf, and arf again I say.

Clue for the Bewildered: Trail by Jury is not the name of a G&S comic opera.

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