Wednesday, 28 November 2007


I've just discarded - as excessively mad and angry even for me - two attempts at a gibberation about concert behaviour, inspired in part by Monday's lunchtime at St Anne & St Agnes. Here's a third try with fewer words and less passion.

Lunchtime concerts are special and different and it's reasonable up to a point to expect more noise, more comings and goings, and so on: one should be more tolerant, sure. I very much like the somewhat informal atmosphere. Nevertheless there are a few things which I feel would generally help:

  • Money. Don't touch any, ever, while music is playing. Just don't. At all.
  • Plastic bags. Ditto.
  • Applause. A tricky and highly specialized skill. If unsure, seek professional assistance.
  • Overrunning (lunchtime-specific note for musicians). Don't do it.

There. I almost feel better.

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