Sunday, 11 November 2007

Getting things right - does it matter?

Does accuracy actually matter, and should I bother to get cross when people are sloppy?

I suppose the mental-health-correct answers are No and No. However, I would just like to go AAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHH for a moment before directing your attention to a page at where you can buy the music for the Last Post, a topic back to which I shall come.

Here's their description of what you get when you buy this music:

  • Calvary Last Post
  • Calvary Reveille
  • Infantary Last Post
  • Infantary Reveille

Just tell me - how hard is it to get this right? I do find this pretty pathetic.

Just in case you are at sea with these spellings, and to try to be helpful through my gritted teeth:

  • Infantry is foot-soldiers
  • Cavalry is mounted soldiers, formerly on Dobbin, now mostly in tanks
  • Infantary is just garbage
  • Calvary is the place where Christ was crucified

I am going off in a grump now, as soon as I have emailed Gak!!!!

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Strawberryyog said...

Update: they fixed it, hurrah. It took two goes over two days, which is slightly less hurrah: first time round they fixed the Infantary but left Calvary well alone. Reverent but misguided? Who knows. Certainly Calvary Last Post is a different concept. Oh well, it's done now.