Sunday, 29 July 2007

Sussed-a-blog, or Captain BlogTegrity

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather. I skipped merrily into St Anne & St Agnes for Friday's lunchtime Bach-o-Buxtehude-arama, pausing in my dash for coffee only to say "great jam!" to Jana the boss, a reference to a purchase made on Monday. Imagine, my dears, the surprise when she came up behind me and retorted "great blog"!

This threw me a bit. (But thanks!) Apart from certain operatives in my extensive team of daughters, no-one has sussed me in real life yet. Jana (who I now realize is a comely and wise person of probably around twenty-five years) explained that Molly the Fundraiser (a witty and charming young woman, very good with money) had discovered it due to Google Analytics, which sounds like it has something to do with computers (so she is obviously clever too).

Pausing only to thank the coffee person (a bouncy, youthful type, who serves coffee of considerable character, surpassed only by their delightful biscuits) I returned to my very comfortable seat in this finest of churches. The first thing I did was to think about whether I had said anything horrid. It's interesting that I should have this reaction even though I've always written it on the assumption that someone might read it, sooner or later, and that some of those someones might be mentioned in it.

The second thing was to consider whether having been sussed would affect my writing style or content. Truth to tell, I was actually slightly narked because I was planning sometime to do a more general write-up about the church and its concert series and why I like it, and now if I do I would worry that I would write it as if they were looking over my shoulder. However, my very great integrity as a writer (my italics - Ed.) will clearly require me to ignore this inconvenient truth, and continue to treat this magnificent church - and the splendid, warm-hearted group of entirely admirable people who run it - in a completely neutral manner.

As I settled to the soaring beauty of the concert (probably the best concert in the world, in fact), directed by the fabulously handsome and talented Martin, I reflected that my uncompromising warts-and-all approach may make some people uncomfortable with its glaring and painful truths but I know that my public would expect no less of me. Nothing will change. There is only one way forward. Onwards and upwards!


Jana said...

Well, young strawberry yoghurt my lad, all I can say is that there seems to be nothing at all that we could even possibly object to! and in any case - surely honesty is good? (but not gratuitous nastiness at the expense of fat old pastors, of course)
Have a good summer!

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, I've now found out that the Latvian for 'blog' is 'emuārs', which is really silly
(combination of e and memuārs, or memoire, as in aide memoire - oh never mind).

Strawberryyog said...

aaah but I always try to avoid gratuitous nastiness ...

... and fortunately I don't know any fat old pastors anyway!

As for the Latvian word, that's rather wonderful - I like it, thank you. I must try to use it from time to time - drop it casually into conversations, impress my friends etc.

You have a nice summer too!