Friday, 13 July 2007

I have experienced The Best Sticky Toffee Pudding in the Entire Universe. There is no going back.

The middlest of my Monstrous Regiment of Daughters and I were at the ICA on Wednesday doing a gig, which I need to write up some time when I have some "free time". Ahahah. (Update: it is now to be found here.)

Just for now, though, I wish to record the fact that the ICA cafe served us with The Best Sticky Toffee Pudding in the Entire Universe. I don't usually like to eat much before playing (chiz) but we had a bit of a gap and had been issued with meal vouchers, and when offered pud it seemed churlish to refuse so we had one between the two of us. Just to be polite, you understand. Ahem.

As I wrote to a friend, this was "a transcendental moment, choirs of angels, celestial percussion ensemble™ etc, 'move into the light Vogel, approach the Pudding of Excellence', an ting ..." Why was it so good? Erm dunno - toffee was fab, all caramelly, hint of a slightly burnt flavour even; the pud itself was so deliciously light that I am suspicious that it was perhaps floating a millimetre or two off the plate. This was created not by a chef but by a sorcerer, I reckon.

Oh and the clotted cream with which it was served didn't exactly make things worse, either.

I know I'm going on a bit but honestly this was really something else. Not just good but a world apart. Yum.


Lottie said...

It's true, it really was that good.

Strawberryyog said...

Thank you, dear child. Your endorsement of my ravings gives me a warm glow of familial solidarity. xxxxx