Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Narrow(ish) escape

A huge crash just now outside my office window - a delivery driver, and one of those bl**dy great heavy pallet trucks, and the truck's load of pallets, have all just come off the taillift of his delivery van/truck/lorry/whatever. The lift was at its maximum height. The driver has ended up sprawled on his back on top of part of the load, with the pallet truck and the rest of the load safely a foot or two away from him - I don't know if this was just luck or if he jumped clear as it went. Either way, this could have been quite nasty. And yes I know that you can equally argue that he'd have to have been very unlucky to be in the wrong place, but even so ... I would be having an extra glass of something delicious tonight were I him. Our security guys were there to help immediately. The driver didn't look much hurt, but a bit shocked, and moved a little bit stiffly - maybe pulled a muscle or something, but far preferable to being squished by a huge heavy truck thing. A potentially horrid  episode - how nice that it didn't happen, and stayed at the level of a scary experience, not something involving ambulances.

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