Monday, 9 July 2007


A new IT person started at work today. The replacement for the greatly-lamented Kia, he's a very nice bloke who I hope will be a success, and be happy here. This is all very important to me because since Kia left a lot (though not all) of her work has bounced back to me and it's made things uncomfortably difficult. So, there's a nasty bit of self-interest in it but I really want this to be a success so that I can try to sort out my own work a bit. Watch this space.

I should also add that there's a slight pride thing, in that the bloke we appointed was my favourite of all we saw, so I'd like my judgement to be correct and for him to be a big success like Kia, who was also very much the star candidate for me! I so hope it works out well for him and he likes it here.

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