Tuesday, 31 July 2007


It's a lovely, bright sunny morning and even the building site at work (about which I must write one day) looks good. I went swimming and had a nice breakfast and read Neil Gaiman and wrote some more of my GoodBooks piece.

Last night Mrs von Neustadt and I went to the Bulls Head in Barnes. Superhero jazz educator and all-round Good Egg Jamey Aebersold is over here doing a summer school for Jazzwise. I did this same summer school in 1998 and it was truly, life-changingly excellent. Anyway my friend and fellow ITG board member Pat Harbison - a very very cool playing dude, teaching dude, and generally-being-human dude - is there every year teaching and this time, after many years of not managing it, I finally got down there to hear the traditional Monday-night faculty concert. This was entirely excellent and made me remember how much I would really like to do the course again one day. It also made me wish that I played the trumpet a bit better! The quintet was Jamey on alto; Pat; and Phil de Greg, John Goldsby and Steve Davis on piano, bass and drums: a superb group.

We had a great Thai meal in the pub just before the gig and a pint or two of nice beer before and during.

All pretty good really.

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