Thursday, 26 July 2007

Moan-a-gram-o-blog (Haringey and Harringay)

Here is a webby web webform lettery communications thingy sent in this very day:

Dear Buses,

Your page:

is headed "Harringey Bus route maps" but this is wrong. It should be "Haringey Bus route maps" because Haringey is the borough and Harringay (as you have it correctly on the PDF for that one map) is the much smaller place within that borough.


Haringey: big borough
Harringay: little place up Green Lanes

Hope this helps

Best wishes


And my chances of success - or of even getting a reply - will be, oo, about what percent, do you think?

Yes, I am a very sad person. But come on, you knew that.

* * U P D A T E * *

Had a nice reply saying they will fix it. Excellent. Sadly I then realized that the level above has the same problem too, so I mentioned that also. They must be well sick of me by now. But it's nice that they troubled to reply - big improvement on the last time I tried to raise an issue with them. Good show for London Buses and I promise to be less cynical another time.

* * U P D A T E 2 * *

On New Year's Eve (sad isn't it?) five months after the initial post I've just checked (it's not like I've been doing so every day I hasten to add) and they've fixed nearly everything. There's one more thing to fix - still on the same page there is one remaining bad spelling. In the map list, just three off the bottom, there appears "West Green (Harringey)" whereas the map's actual title is "West Green (Harringay)". It's odd how people find this so hard to get right: but ho hum.

* * U P D A T E 3 * *

Oh dear! They've now fixed the thing I was moaning about in Update 2. Woohoo! Er, well, sort of. They have, bless 'em, now spelt the linked text correctly as "West Green (Harringay)". So far so good. But in a fit of enthusiasm they have changed the underlying link too. It used to be:

- and now, to match the linked text, they have changed the link to this:

- which is sort of good, but it would really be a LOT better if they'd also changed the filename to match: the new link currently goes nowhere of course.

Aargh, gak and doh. I will of course now feel that I have to write to them and point this out, which is quite sad of me, but I can't quite leave it there. Why do I bother? I honestly do not know. Will my writing again probably cause something else to go wrong? Yup.

* * U P D A T E 4 * *

30th January 2008. Oh doctor, the relief! It is all fixed. Mr Thompson, kindly apply coldness to some dozens of bottles of one of the better champagnes. Pray fill the jacuzzi with the finest of strawberry yoghurts. My blog and I will be partying (like there is no tomorrow) to celebrate this fine public information victory. And it only took 188 days to sort it all out! I'm like woah baby yuh yuh yuh.

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