Monday, 24 November 2008

Gig-a-Blog™ (Barr, Woodrow, Riley, St Anne & St Agnes)

Nick Barr, violin; James Woodrow, guitar; Audrey Riley, cello.

Tippett, Preludio al Vespro di Monteverdi

One of those (seemingly simple but actually fabulously clever) 'glimpses of ...' pieces. Short but very very sweet; what a lovely way to start a concert.

Bach, Trio Sonata in G major

  1. Poised, dainty, warm.
  2. Oh this is just gorgeous. Fantastic change of colour.
  3. Happy bouncy jolly, and very nicely paced.

Jehain Alain (1911-1940), Variations sur un theme de Clement Jannequin

Simple theme, then in the variations some exquisitely beautiful moments, tiny corners of variety like little painted miniatures. I can't write about them separately - blink and you missed them. I did try:

  • Lots of space opened up round the tune with interesting harmonic movement "outside"
  • Lovely flow then raindrops
  • Bold, stronger stmnt in vln before cello takes it and makes it plaintive and ...

See the problem? Blink ... miss ... blink ... miss ... this is just too cool, too tiny and too perfect to write about.

Anton Heiller (1923-1979), Kleine Partite für Orgel, "Vater Unser Im Himmelreich"

Though this was arranged from an organ piece, it works so well here that it's difficult to imagine that it was ever meant for anything other than this trio. Intricate and fascinating. Clearly this is today's Intellectual Challenge Piece for Longhaired Music Graduate Cleverclogs Types™ but that's OK because we Blockheads™ (thank you, once again, Mr Dury) can enjoy it too.

Stravinsky, Five Easy Pieces

A quick zap or two of neat, simple, witty tunefulness offsets the Heiller's profundity.

I know I've rabbitted on elsewhere about how well violin and guitar sound together, so can I maybe just add, "... and even nicer with a cello"? What a very vigorous, versatile and at times voluptuous combination. Excellent playing and a really great, interesting and different programme too: nice one.

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