Friday, 21 November 2008

Gig-a-Blog™ (Anakay Koshka and Alan Brown, St Anne & St Agnes)

Anakay Koshka (violin), Alan Brown (piano)

Brahms A minor sonata, op. 100

  1. By turns warm, dramatic, passionate and poignant
  2. Fabulously poised and beautiful.
  3. Intense and energetic.

Sibelius D minor concerto op. 47

  1. Woo blimey, virtuosic or what? Goodness me, I am all aflutter. I think I've played in this with Salomon (not as soloist you understand). I do not, however, such have a very clear memory of it and in particular I don't remember this level of technical brilliance. Wonderful.
  2. Ah I remember this bit - my "tricky trumpet entry" moment has just passed in the the slow movement - much nicer on piano! (This is a place about which I became obsessionally scared when we did it in the orchestra. Not actually that hard unless you're me.)
  3. The last movement was stunning.

Nice concert!

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