Monday, 1 December 2008

Gig-a-Blog™ (Pells & Knizia, St Anne & St Agnes)

Mary Pells, viola da gamba; Martin Knizia, harpsichord. Works by Telemann, Marin Marais, Simpson, Corelli

It's odd, but comforting, to be back at St Anne and St Agnes following all last week's excitement. In terms of my place in the scheme of things it feels rather like I'm picking up where I left off. Usual pew, usual coffee: all just as it should be. And my notes are just as bad as they are supposed to be under the New Stressless Regime! So now read on, if you can be bothered:

Telemann Sonata in A minor - gorgeous, largely cheerful, and warming.

Marin Marais Suite in A minor - fantastic and fascinating. Mary Pells was interesting on the subject composer and his very precise approach to notation.

Simpson Divisions in E minor - beautiful variations. (Can I feel a brass ensemble arrangement coming on? Hush!)

Corelli Sonata in F major - stately Preludio gives way to: Allemanda - lively, direct; a poised, simple Sarabanda; Gavotta - jolly and driving; and an admirably nimble-footed Giga.

A lovely gig. I was worried that after the trumpet concert I'd be coming down to earth with a heavy bump today. Due, however, to Pells' and Knizia's glowing sounds and beautiful phrasing, I instead sort of drifted around in a cloud of goodwill to all mankind, and indeed I still may not have quite touched down yet. Watch this space.

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