Wednesday, 12 November 2008

An eventful weekend II

Friday, 21 March 2008

IMG_8676 We had Eggs Benedict for breakfast! Completely delicious. Ty Rosa has a wonderful breakfast on offer and it was very tempting to just start assembling your own version of the Full Welsh from the impressive list of possible ingredients. What then really caught the eye, though, was the opposite page, bearing an impressive collection of Dishes With Proper Posh Names, with the said er er Benedictine deliciousness prominent amongst them. I am sure that you know what Eggs Benedict is, but I didn't, so for the record (and with particular regard to my failing memory) this was a muffin (a proper English one, please see this) with bacon and a fried egg stacked on it, then on top of everything a generous ladling of piquant, lemony, lovely hollandaise sauce. Oh, and a portion was two of these, which is very pleasant.
IMG_8653 After breakfast, a brisk walk down to Cardiff Bay which these days is the height of regeneration and trendiness, assisted by a barrage which holds the water back at permanent high-tide level. Not fair on mudflat-loving birdies but excellent news if you like steel and glass restaurants with balconies and shiny tables and chairs out the front. I must admit that, despite my sympathies with the birdies, I do rather like the bay in its present form. Some of the new building is terrific, and the dockside heritage stuff seems to have been well-treated and is a wonderful part of the townscape. We admired the waterfront, visited IMG_8657 Torchwood's sculpture and the area of its invisible lift (couldn't find it), got nearly blown over by high winds, and had a coffee in the spectacular, inspiring Millennium Centre.
On the way back my childishness about a road name caused us to stop to take a photograph.
Back at Ty Rosa it was time to bid a regretful farewell to the lovely Stuart and Paul - but we'll be back! - and set off for Schloss Lottie.
The rest of the day was a blend of packing, dozing, another very nice lunch at the Grape and Olive, and, eventually, setting off back to London with Lottie, Kat and a certain amount of Lottie's stuff, though not a monstrous quantity - that'll be the summer get-out! The car, by the way, went like a good 'un all the way home.

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