Thursday, 9 August 2007

While the cats are away ...

... The mice will Fray.

Arf arf.

Mrs von Neustadt, the oldest von Neustadt child, and my mother-in-law are all in Amsterdam (a city in the Netherlands) having what I hope is an excellent time. The middlest daughter is in Edinburgh, Scotland, being cultural. The daughter of youngestness was out at the pictures, or whatever you call them nowadays. For the sake of completeness I feel I should add that this last was in London, England.

Naturally I am in a terrible state of bereftness and upsetitude, rattling around alone in Schloss Neustadt, wandering between the Great Ballroom, the Upper Gallery and the Battlement Terrace, weeping quietly to myself. On the other hand it means I have a clear run at my great indulgence, the Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney Pie. Yeah babay!!

The point is that this is not a pie that anyone else here would be, er, overkeen on. So as a very general rule people being not here is my cue to do the Fray Bentos Thang. Hence my decision to pick one up on the way home tonight.

Here's the thing though - it turns out that there were already two in the cupboard - as usual, Mrs von Neustadt is waaay ahead of me ...

Never mind, absolute bliss anyway. That's quality food that is - just listen to this: Succulent steak and kidney in delicious Oxo gravy topped with light puff pastry - I mean, what's not to like?

Oh and just in case you were wondering, it's not all just unhealthy pie eating. I was interrogated at length about this aspect of my diet when the youngest daughter came home from the cinematograph showing-house. Gosh no - of course I supplemented my already delicious meal with a balancing dose of greenery, illustrated herewith. Cross & Blackwell marrowfat processed peas in water, sugar, salt added it says here. Well gosh. Odd wording, very fine vegetables, and so fresh too. Mmmmm-mm-mm! Glass of wine, telly, no programming discussions, fridge full of strawberry yoghurt, cup of tea ... I'm lonely, but I'm coping!

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