Friday, 10 August 2007

Breakfast at nice café, by accident

In the sort-of-obsessive-compulsive world I inhabit everything has a fragile balance and one element out of kilter throws the whole lot off.

So I won't bore you with the process but suffice it to say that I slept in a bit this morning, so got the bus in, so here I am (was) at Sliced and Squeezed, a pleasant café on Whitecross Street at its junction with Banner Street. I'm sitting out on the pavement writing this over breakfast. As it were.

Random points:

  • Nice coffee
  • Excellent bacon sandwich - with huge mound of salad! (yer what?)
  • Strawberry yoghurt yup yup yup
  • Fantastically sunny
  • Mild breeze
  • Quiet
  • This street has a market but not today or not yet
  • Shiny metal tables and chairs on the pavement - benignly dazzling
  • Up to my left the unusual ?Hawksworth spire of St Luke's - a strange, fluted obelisk. Looks fabulous from here.
  • Down to my right the Barbican: before it, reflected sun starting to catch the Victorian brick of the flats on Whitecross Street. Looks warm.
  • Lots of people out at café tables
  • All very very pleasant

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