Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Strawberry Yoghurt - Müller light strawberry - virtually fat-free yogurt with sugar & sweetener

Bought over the road at the generally yummy Hampers sandwich bar, which sadly has a very limited yoghurt stock for the - erm - connoisseur.

Hmmm. This has a surprising amount of fruit in it, a surprisingly decent texture, and is surprisingly nice, considering. I do buy these quite often. Which is surprising.

The very very alert reader will have noticed the words "surprising" and "surprisingly" getting a bit of an outing in the above paragraph. Am I d*mning with faint praise or something? Erm yes. The problem with this yoghurt is that it tries, like others, to make a super-healthy product out of ingredients which in nature contain a lot of fat and which need sweetening for many people's tastes. (If I ever find a strawberry yoghurt on sale which is not sweetened with sugar, sweeteners or anything except strawberries, I'll let you know. Or you let me know, please, if I have missed it. Is this a technological impossibility or something?)

As a result, it tastes of aspartame as well as strawberries and yoghurt. If you love the taste of aspartame this is probably great but I don't - there's something a bit odd that lingers, and I am not that keen. I will probably go on buying these from time to time, for a variety of reasons too boring to recount, but it's never going to get into my Fave Raves Top Ten while it's essentially a Strawberry and Aspartame Yoghurt. It's a lot better than other products in this part of the market. I might write some more of them up, one day.

Oh, and it's in a great big container, so you get to enjoy it for longer. Or something. Slightly yum. Loadsa fruit. 200g. Yeah.

This is a good attempt in many ways. If Müller could make something which delivers all the health benefits of low fat, low sugar, etc, and tasted just a bit better - i.e. I could not taste the artificial sweetener - then they'd be on a winner.


Surprisingly surprising, considering.

Grelltt: 8.3

Quantitativenosity: 10

Mares Pat: 6

Stream Rap: 6

Meat Rasp: 6

Smart Ape: 6

Pea Marts: 6

Same Trap: 6

Aspartame: 6

Sploorn: 3

Utter Delight: 2

Lunchtime Functionality: 9

Overall: 5.5

Obsessives Corner

I'm not copying out all that stuff, I'll go nuts. In fact please take notice that Obsessives Corner is going to have to be less obsessive in future ...

Energy per 100g: 51 kcal

So energy in this 200g (woo yay) pot: 102 kcal

Fat: incredibly low. Goodness knows what it is actually made of. Oh well.

Best before 18th August.

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