Thursday, 9 August 2007

Cosmically fantastic lunch

A very nice colleague from the other Centre we support left yesterday. Sadly this wasn't a triumphal, elective exit to some swish new job - the money for her project has run out, so she's off. A great pity as she is lovely.

She obviously decided to leave in style because her farewell lunch - to which I felt privileged to be invited - took place at a rather good restaurant, round the corner in St John's Street.

The Clerkenwell Dining Room was quiet, pleasant and served wonderful food. The menu prices are a touch disconcerting but (at the moment anyway) lunchtime was half-price though I am not sure if this was because we were a group, or what. See Toptable or The Guardian for more, but take a tranquillizer first if you are easily upset by bad spelling or grammar.

I had:

  • Pork belly, scallops, celeriac puree, baby cress, apple and walnut salsa - priced at £17. Absolutely sensational. A huge round flat tower of extremely tender and delicious meat topped with its own lid of exquisite crackliness. The superb scallops I could have eaten as a meal on their own. Trimmings - delicious. A stunningly excellent meal.
  • We had some kind of very nice white wine whose name I am ashamed to say I cannot remember. Bad bad Vogel.
  • Dessert: Chocolate mousse with almond cream, caramel sauce, and pistachio ice cream - menu price £7.

Although the dessert was excellent I should not have had it: I usually eat quite lightly at lunch and it was pretty greedy to have the mousse after such a great main course. I felt I could hardly walk back to the office. Twit. Oh well.

I think this has gone straight into my Top Ten Great Lunches. I hope I can think of an excuse for going back soon, without having to lose any more nice colleagues.


Anna said...

Your middle child keeps telling us we should have lunch one day, no?

Strawberryyog said...

Goshdarned right we should, yep! Watch that Telephone Of Mobility. :)